Below are our recent Ads and some new Ads under development. Our mission is to heighten the awareness of our need to pursue Energy Independence on a national level. To do this, we believe it is necessary to fight fire with fire by using a method most Americans are used to: Advertising. If you've seen an Ad, please give us your feedback by using the "feedback" link next to the Ad. If you are interested in helping us formulate our next Ads, please look at the Ads in the Upcoming Ad Section and give us your feedback. Your support, participation and feedback is critically needed. Thank you.

   Recent/ Previous Ads


    Think Before Buying
     January through June / Internationalist Magazine, Florida Universities in January

    Did You Know (Radio)
     Spring 2006 / Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Portland

     Ongoing / US Web Audiences

    Take Action (Radio)
     Ongoing: / Albuquerque, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, LA, Madison,NYC, San Diego

    MPG all of US
     Nov-Dec 2005 / Detroit

    July 4, 2025 (Billboard)
     July 2005 / Atlanta

    100 MPG Car (Billboard)
     July 6, 2005 / Los Angeles

    July 4, 2025 (Radio)
     July 2005 / Boston, New York, Denver, San Diego

    Think MPG
     May 17, 2005 / Univ. of Washington

    Energy Independence
     May 15, 2005 / Texas

    USA Today
     October 20, 2004 / National

  Upcoming Ads ( Under Development - Help Run an Ad)


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  No Plan (Radio)

Radio Spot

Summer 2006

Trial - Florida, Los Angeles, Madison, San Diego

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  Buying a Car (Radio Draft)

Radio Spot



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May 2005, Others TBD


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