Chris A. Wolfe

I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. I have degrees in business, data-processing and education from the University of Akron.

My career started in the field of Information Technology as a computer programmer working for Roadway Express. I've had a very successful corporate career working for Roadway Services, Leaseway Transportation (now Penske Logistics), and lastly as an executive for a highly successful telecommunications company, QUALCOMM, Incorporated located in San Diego.

While I too have owned gas guzzling cars, mini-vans and SUVs, the light bulb didn't go on for me until after my nephew was sent to Iraq in 2003. I think my love of world history (amateur) and following the news during the war in Iraq woke me out of my advertised-induced coma.

I have decided to make it my personal quest to educate America on the fact that we are in a battle as important as our nation's first independence. Our national security, our foreign policy and our financial well being are currently being dictated by our addiction to oil.

Frustration over our relationship with the Saudis and our ignoring the OPEC monopoly got me to run the original ad in the USA Today. The tremendous, supportive feedback from all over America and many from our military, spurred me to launch this web site and continue the fight for our nation's second independence.

Most of us have seen grass roots movements, petitions and write-in campaigns work. If we can get enough people to sign a National Petition and write to their representatives, we can get this issue raised within our National Consciousness. Energy Independence by the year 2025 is achievable.

Together, we can make it happen.

Thank you for your support,