Who is Americans for Energy Independence, Inc.?

We are an IRS approved non profit organization - 501 (c) (3)

Americans for Energy Independence, Inc. was established with a mission to raise the consciousness of the American public on the critical need for making Energy Independence a national priority and to use grass roots support to achieve our independence by the year 2025. This portal (www.ei2025.org) was built to support this initiative, put a face on the organization and enable the national dialogue.

Our mission is to help America become more aware of the current and potential dangers of our being dependent upon other countries for our energy needs. We will also present possible solutions and highlight the benefits of becoming energy independent. We will do this through educational outreach utilizing mass media, the internet and press relations. See our recent and upcoming ads

Our mission will be complete when the US has adopted a formal plan to achieve energy independence with the appropriate level of investment, assigned accountability and support by our elected officials to see this through to completion.

We are an IRS approved non profit organization - 501 (c) (3). All Store proceeds and donations go toward future public awareness campaigns and proving the potential of alternative energy options.

The Board of Directors, for Americans for Energy Independence, donate their expertise and time. They obtain no financial compensation for their board participation.



We Believe:

... that we need to make the Middle East and OPEC oil strategically irrelevant
... that we must call on our government to act by adopting a 20 year plan to achieve energy independence with aggressive short-term milestones
... that as citizens and consumers we have the power to effect change
... that we need grassroots support of our citizens regardless of political, social or religious affiliations
... that we need true corporate and industry leadership and patriotism in support of our cause
... that we must be realistic about the short-term compromises and trade-offs that will be necessary to achieve our vision