"This report convincingly shows how combining plug-in hybrid cars, cellulosic ethanol and efficiency measures can drastically cut our use of oil. The numbers only hint at the potential economic, environmental and foreign policy benefits if we take this route."

-- Felix Kramer, Founder
The California Cars Initiative

"We at the San Diego EcoCenter for Alternative Fuel Education whole heartedly agree with the UC Berkeley report confirming energy independence is achievable by the year 2025.  We now use the report in our educational package.  Thank you."

-- Judy Bishop, Executive Director
EcoCenter for Alternative Education


"There is little doubt today that the United States must bring its energy demands under control. Now that Americans for Energy Independence has released its report “Towards Energy Independence in 2025,” no one can say that the U.S. doesn’t have a clear, simple, and forward-thinking strategy to wean our nation off of foreign oil."

-- Daniel Levisohn, Senior Editor
the Internationalist

“Oil is becoming harder to find and the price will continue to increase dramatically. We must stay ahead of this economic trap and focus on energy recourses that are clean and renewable. We have experienced nearly forty years of ever-increasing violence, economic threats, foreign policy fiascos, and national security risks in order to keep our economy flooded with oil. We must end our dependence on oil starting with Middle Eastern oil. I applaud the efforts of Americans for Energy Independence and the team at UC Berkley.”

-- Jeffrey Latas - Congressional Candidate
Arizona District 8