Steve Moore hosts

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Steve began his broadcasting career in his hometown and then for several years in Syracuse. He then worked for seven years as a Legislative Reporter and Program Director at West Virginia Public Radio (NPR).

In 1985 Steve joined a financial non-profit in Gainesville, GA to head up its Broadcasting Department, where he now serves as the VP of Broadcasting, overseeing the production of three nationally-syndicated radio programs.

Steve has been a birder pocket option copy trading since his grandmother showed him his first Red-headed Woodpecker at age ten. He and his binoculars have logged sightings as far north as Petersburg, Alaska, and as far south as the Florida Keys. Birding is a natural extension of his passion for the outdoors. 

In the Spring,

Steve is often seen at the start of the Appalachian Trail dropping off hikers who are ready to start their personal treks from Georgia to Maine.



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The Birdwatch Radio Podcast is produced by Steve Moore and Rich Roszel.



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